Welcome to Career Garage

Career Garage offers candidates bespoke, career-orientated advice and guidance, based on:

  • Up to date & industry leading knowledge.
  • A wealth of recruitment experience (almost 30 years across several sectors).
  • ‘Real life’ application.
  • How AI could be stopping your application’s progress.
  • Understanding the hidden job market.
  • Finding your ‘job-seeking mojo’

We use purposeful questioning to really get the most out of every single minute you spend with us:

  • How can we highlight your transferrable skills to help you move sectors?
  • Do you actually want another job, or could exploring self-employment be considered?
  • What are your concerns, your perceived barriers? Can we remove those?

You can call it ‘career guidance’ if you like…
…but this isn’t just career guidance…
…it’s Career Garage.

Who Can We Help?

Experienced Job Seekers

Sometimes it just needs a fresh pair of eyes…

If you’ve been sending CV after CV off to employer after employer, and hearing nothing back…
…you’re doing something wrong.

It could be that AI is rejecting your application long before human eyes even get to see it, but how are you supposed to know which key words and phrases to use?

Let’s arrange a conversation to work out where things aren’t quite right.

We’ll then help you make your next move.

Group work Sessions – New Job Seekers – People being made redundant

Little to no experience’ simply doesn’t exist.
It’s a phrase that limits expectations and puts a glass ceiling over future prospects.

Career Garage presents young people (or new job seekers of any age) with the very best opportunity to celebrate the things they:

  • Can do
  • Have done
  • Want to do in the future

…and shows them how they can place themselves front and centre of an employer’s attention.