Career Garage is the brainchild of Recruitment Specialist, Rebecca Moloney.

Rebecca is a self-employed recruitment consultant who works with employers and potential employees to:
help companies find the right people
help people find the right companies.

Her role in Career Garage though, focuses solely on the candidates – those people who need the advice and the guidance to make it from ‘job seeker’ to ‘job getter’.

Rebecca is a passionate people person.

It’s a lot of Ps but it’s true.

She enjoys nothing more than empowering people and then seeing them follow their dreams and secure roles that are rewarding in every sense.

It could be improved finances that motivates someone the most.

It could be happiness or more time for friends and family.

The key is in understanding what makes the individual tick, aligning that with what companies and organisations are looking for, and then moving forwards with purpose and a plan, in what we call ‘The Process…’

The Process

The Chat

Let’s jump on Zoom for a one-hour chat all about you.

What is it that you’re looking for?

Do you even know?

We need to understand your motivations and aspirations, as well as any nagging doubts you might have about something.

Doubts don’t have to mean the end of an opportunity; we just need to turn them around into something useful.

We do this by talking openly and honestly about where you want to go and how you can get there.
It’s about blending the blue sky thinking with what is realistic and achievable.

If your confidence and self-belief are being knocked and you are beginning to doubt your abilities, we need a call, sooner, rather than later.

The Job Hunt

Once we get to know you and what you’re looking for, it’s time to ditch the scattergun approach and hone in on the jobs you really want, but with laser sharp focus.

If you only ‘sort of’ want it, are you only ‘sort of’ trying to get it?

Maybe you’ve not put your everything into getting a certain job because you know, deep down, that it isn’t for you.

Let’s get rid of the uncertainties and double down on what we’re looking for.

Narrowing your focus doesn’t mean narrowing your chances.

The Application

Gone are the days when companies and organisations would take their time to paw through every application they receive.

There simply isn’t the time for that in today’s world.

Many bigger companies use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to sift through large numbers of applications.

It’s a scary thought, but what it means in reality is that your application could end up in the digital shredder long before human eyes ever see it.

Career Garage knows the key words you need to use to be seen, heard and considered – How to ‘sell yourself’ as the best candidate.

The Interview

With Career Garage, your chances of being invited to interview multiply.

Check out our testimonials to hear how we’ve turned misfiring job seekers into heat seeking missiles.

We’ve shown them that when you’re considering your next move, you need to think about what you really want as much as what they really want.

The way we see it, when it comes to the interview stage, you should be interviewing your employers just as much as they’re interviewing you.

It’s a 360-degree process that Career Garage can prepare you for.

The ‘Yes!’ Moment

Do we really need to explain what we mean by this?

Whether it’s a call, an email or a text – receiving the news that you’ve ‘got the job’ is a cause worth celebrating.

What happens now though? Are you ready? What do you need to put in place?

Don’t worry, Career Garage has your back before, during and after that ever so special ‘Yes!’ moment.

What’s more is that we’ll help you hear those words ‘you’re hired’ a lot more quickly than you would all on your own.