Side Hustle or…?

“Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life…”
That’s how the saying goes, anyway.
Many of us have very recent experience of ‘never working a day in your life’, though for the majority of people, that’s not because they’re working in their dream job, sadly.
Over the course of the last two years, there have been a number of reasons why people have been ‘at home’, instead of ‘at work…’
• Some (far too many, actually) will have been made redundant or had their hours cut, due to the effects of the pandemic on the economy.
• Others (the lucky ones, maybe) have had extended periods of time on furlough.
• The rest of us (kind of in between the lucky and the unlucky) will have had spells of working from home, either by Governmental order, or because it actually suits some of us.
For whatever reason you’ve found yourself at home though, there’s a good chance you might have tried to turn all that spare time into what we’re now calling – ‘a side hustle…’
Baking, crafting, tutoring, social media managing, pretty much anything, in fact.
Simply Business estimate that as many as a third of the UK population now run some kind of side hustle, and many of these people started those projects during one of the various lockdowns.
British ingenuity? Maybe.
Boredom? Almost certainly.
Brilliance? Yes, quite possibly!
Now that we’re all back working, assuming we were lucky enough to have jobs to go back to that is, millions of people have decided to keep this good thing going, dedicating whatever time they can to their side hustles.
Why though?
Usually, it’s because it’s something they love doing, which brings us back to the saying at the very start of this blog – “Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life…”
But, what about the bills, the mortgage, the career progression?
Those things are important, of course they are, and we’re not for one minute saying you should leave your 9 to 5 to brew craft beer, or ditch the office for the oven. What we are saying is, that if there’s something that gets you fired up, something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and stay up late at night, maybe there’s something in that.
Maybe there’s an opportunity to fine tune your job searching, or career ambitions, to bring them in line with your passions.
If you want to talk to Career Garage about any of this, to see how we can help advise and guide you, no matter what industry you’re in, give us a shout.
This is our passion, after all.

P&O get told to P.O…


Of all the mass dismissals gone wrong, the stunt pulled by P&O over the course of these past few weeks has to rank pretty highly.
To sack 800 employees via video call wasn’t just off key, it was actually illegal (as they would later admit themselves…)
As hundreds of people learned their fate, the reactions varied from dismay to despair, and from disgust to defiance.
We even heard stories of dismissed employees refusing to leave their ships. Not in the way that captains refuse to leave sinking ships, we have to add, but P&O really have sunk their own ship with this absolute farce.
The human beings at the centre of the story, the dismissed workers, should be our main concern here, not the arrogant millionaire bosses, as it is those people who will have some serious thinking to do in the days and weeks to come.
Yes, they may well be getting their jobs back, but put yourself in their shoes…
…would you really want to carry on working for a company that treats its employees as ‘disposable’, and then throws them overboard? No, probably not.
For many, the idea of going self employed, or even looking elsewhere in similar industries can seem daunting. It’s a big, bad world out there, after all, especially when the comfort zone has regular pension contributions and annual leave…
…but P&O have just blown the whole idea of the ‘comfort zone’ out of the water.
Yes, making a change can be scary, but in our eyes, being under the employment of a group of callous and careless bosses, like those at P&O, is even more scary.
It’s bloody terrifying, actually.
Imagine thinking that you’re in a secure role, with progression and protection, only to find out that the people at the top can let up the anchor whenever they like, whether it’s legal or not.
All of a sudden, you could find yourself off course and cut a drift, heading to capsize.
The puns are easy to make with this story, but the point is even easier.
How long can you afford to rely on the fat cats to look after your best interests?
So, what should you do to avoid a similar fate?
Take a look at Glassdoor when considering taking on a role with a big company, you just never know who the next P&O will turn out to be.
You could also have a conversation with Career Garage, as we can help you steer yourself into the best possible position of an application process.
We can help you make plans for the next steps in your working life.
We can make you the captain of your own ship.